Innovative Treatments for Vibrant Health

Integrative Medicine

Implementing the four pillars of Healthy Healing: Person Centered Diagnosis, Individualized Treatments, Ongoing Doctor-Patient Dialogue, After-Treatment Health Coaching.

Detox and Anti-Aging

Treatments Involving: Nutritional Infusions & Supplements; Ozone, Chelation & Colon Hydro-Therapy; Individualized Systemic Detox and/or Advanced Anti-Aging Protocols.

Natural Esthetics

Supporting Beauty in a Responsible & Caring Manner: Natural Fillers as Botox Alternatives, Natural Peels, Bio-Identical Hormones, and Ozone Cosmetic & Weight-Loss Treatments.

Diagnostic Tools

Live Blood Analysis: Our No 1 Comprehensive Yet Non-Invasive Health Check; Pinpoints Many Problems Before They Arise; Plus Standard Medical Tests.

Healthy Healing Goa - Integrative Detox, Anti-Aging and Esthetic Medicine

Welcome to India! Welcome to Goa!

Healthy Healing is an innovative general medical practice for a client-centered approach to wellness and beauty, established in 2005.  Since August 2014, we are located in Sangolda, between the state capital Panjim and the coastal belt of North Goa, actually closer to the beaches than to the city.

We practice integrative medicine, concentrating on various detox, anti-aging and esthetic modalities.

Beyond our success proven treatments involving chelation-, ozone- and colon hydrotherapy, we have now added protocols of nutrition infusion therapy, PRP Lysate, plus some selected high-end natural beauty procedures.  

As always, our aim is to offer viable and innovative alternatives to all forms of common medical procedures, including healthier choices than the commonly suggested esthetic improvements. Not only will our beauty treatments bring out your natural radiance and individuality, they will actually empower you with a greater sense of radical aliveness.

With Eternesse Clinic in Hyderabad pooling its resources with us regarding the treatments in our new esthetic medicine section and Manisha Chadda having joined us on a free-lance basis, Healthy Healing has become that much more vibrantly alive & humming with positive energy!  Eternesse Clinics are the undisputed leaders in India in natural esthetic medicine, Manisha is a certified clinical hynotherapist.

Please contact us for more information.
"Dr Shikha is a very professional, kind and knowledgeable physician. I would recommend her to anyone with mild or even severe health problems. Despite my severe and chronic health issues, through her treatment, I have been able to improve my condition and feel better. I'm looking forward to having more treatments in the future and will also follow her precious advice while at home until then."
Rosa, Italy
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