8-Day Healing Detox Retreat in Goa India

A Residential Detox Program with Long-Lasting Benefits

Our custom designed event goes beyond any standardized cleanses, Ayurvedic or
other. We are not just putting everyone through the same old routine. We will
be addressing everyone’s needs much more individually.
We are offering you a chance to return to what really matters: a sense of
aliveness that makes you feel at home in your own body, in your own skin—in
other words: we are offering you a way to re-experience physical health
combined with a sense of wholeness.

The Basis Is Functional Medicine
Dr Shikha is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, which is based in
the US. Functional Medicine is a scientifically based form of integrative or
body/mind medicine, involving.
1. Elaborate questionnaires
2. A one-of-a-kind examination protocol
3. Individualised nutritional approaches
4. Sophisticated and fin-tune targeted medication with natural products
In the 8-day program we will be offering all of these and more.

Practically Speaking
We will become pro-active in four main areas of concern in order to improve
your health and sense of wellbeing:
1. Detoxing and improving the body’s elimination systems
2. Providing rejuvenating and strengthening treatments
3. Teaching you how to maintain optimum health
4. Sharing tools for greater awareness of body & mind

Health Tools
You will receive and experience the following:
1. Live Blood Analysis (LBA)
2. IFM Protocol Derived Physical Examination
3. Cold Pressed Juices (made in a slow juicer)
4. Cleansing Foot Baths
5. Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions and/or Special Enemas
6. Steam Baths
7. Herbal medication (according to your specific needs)
8. Recommendations for additional deep detox infusions
9. Tibetan Healing Yoga Sessions
10. Emotional and or Mental Group Healing (or individual sessions)
11. Health Coaching and Group Talks by the doctor

12. Three fully organic, nutritionally rich main meals a day (for some of you it
will be exclusively liquids and for some liquids and solids mixed) with
some variations according to individual needs. There will also be snacks
to tie you over.
And of course, there will be enough free time to hang out at the pool, and simply
quietly relax. The detox retreat will not only medically boost your energy, but
also help you center again in your own being. It will help focus and strengthen
your energies.

Group Size
The group will stay small (because otherwise we couldn’t address everyone
individually), with maximum 8 participants.

We offer single and double occupancy rooms in a high-end private villa and/or
small guesthouse.



I did the 10-day program with Dr. Shikha, and it amazed me how such a simple program could be so effective. I decided to do it because I was feeling a general lack of energy, motivation and a sense of being full all the time. Constipation was also one of my symptoms… Every time I came to Dr. Shikha’s clinic, I was always very welcomed, well taken care of, and left with the feeling of being supported during my detox process. I truly appreciate her professionalism, patient care, friendliness, as well as her staff. I can recommend to everyone (ill or not) to go through this process, and experience the benefits of a totally healing process. Thank you, for sharing your knowledge, care and understanding that health starts from within - by ‘cleaning the house’
Portugal and Brasil