Chelation Therapy for Improving Overall Metabolic Function

Chelation therapy will help you bypass any need for future bypass surgery. It will free your arteries from plaque, or even the tendency for its build-up. Actually, it will do a lot more. It is an established form of medical treatment that improves circulatory and metabolic functions in the body through many different ways, by rebalancing and removing metal ions. In some of its functions, it is American FDA approved. In addition, chelation therapy is a superb detox agent and, in its action, complements ozone therapy. These two therapies harmonize with each other exceptionally well: ozone removing organic waste from the body while chelation eliminates inorganic waste. One of the greatest attractions of chelation therapy is that it is indeed very safe. There are very few medical procedures that can report, as can chelation when administered according to established protocol, no fatalities at all.

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EDTA chelation therapy makes good sense to me as a chemist and medical researcher. It has a rational scientific basis, and the evidence for clinical benefit seems to be quite strong.
Linus Pauling Ph.D.
Two time Nobel Laureate