Ozone Therapy

What Is Ozone Therapy?

Among specialists, ozone therapy is by now fully established as a medical treatment, with proven protocols and a huge amount of research data behind it that supports its viability. It is usually delivered as a mixture of 95-97% pure medical grade oxygen plus 3-5% ozone to heal many different ailments. A physician trained in the appropriate techniques, or delivery modes, can apply it either as the primary or as an adjunct form of treatment. Ozone therapy is totally natural. It adds no alien, strange molecules into your blood stream - only those that were lacking. One of ozone therapy's main merits is demonstrated by the fact that it can strengthen many of the body's own functional systems, beginning at the smallest level: that of the cell. Ozone therapy greatly boosts cell health.

Ozone therapy increases the oxygen concentration in the blood. This helps dilating the blood vessels, the tiniest capillaries that had closed down due to a lack of oxygen, which is so vital to our survival and wellbeing. Thus ozone therapy induces more blood to flow to each and every one of the over 70 trillion cells in the body. Unlike many other forms of medical treatment, ozone therapy makes you feel good and revitalized, not depleted and drained.

What Diseases Does Ozone Therapy Heal?

According to available data compiled from sources worldwide (including THE INTERNATIONAL BIO-OXIDATIVE MEDICAL FOUNDATION), the following conditions or diseases have been treated by bio-oxidative methods (ozone therapy or treatments involving food-grade hydrogen peroxide) with varying degrees of success. We have treated a good number of these conditions at Healthy Healing, too.

Acne Eczema
AIDS Food Poisoning
Allergies Gangrene
Alzheimer's Disease Gout
Amenorrhea Ear Disease
Anal fissures Hepatitis (liver diseases)
Anemia Hepatitis (liver diseases)
Anemia Herpes (simplex and zoster)
Angina Hypothyroidism
Arthritis Malaria
Artherosclerosis Migraine
Asthma / Bronchitis Multiple Sclerosis
Candidiasis Osteoporosis
Cancer Parkinson's Disease
Cellulitis Pelvic and abdominal disorders
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Prostrate Enlargement
Colitis Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cystitis Tuberculosis
Diabetes Ulcers

The long list of applications does, however, not infer that we should regard ozone as a cure-all. For some situations there are counter-indications. However, an expert bio-oxidative physician will know when ozone therapy can be applied, and when not. Any ordinary conventional physician on the other hand, who is not trained in bio-oxidative therapies, can only give an uninformed opinion about ozone that scares and misleads the patient.

How Does Ozone Therapy Stimulate Healing?

As to the working principle of ozone therapy, this is actually very simple and tied to the body's own mechanisms. We all know that we are going to die, if left without oxygen for more than six minutes. So, oxygen is essential. Ozone is just another form of oxygen that possesses an extra atom. It is O3, not O2. Once the ozone in the oxygen/ozone mix enters the body during a treatment, it converts into hydrogen peroxide and lipid peroxides. By thus stimulating the anti-oxidant system of the body, it eliminates disease-causing pathogens and diseased cells.

Of course, together with the ozone the additional oxygen also enters the body to unfold its own healing power: oxygen keeps our blood moving and our body warm. It produces energy and helps to burn food. It helps in the production of the body's own hydrogen peroxide, thereby supporting all innate defense mechanisms against microbial attack, cancer cells etc. It is now a scientifically established fact that the cells in our body even produce their own minimal amounts of ozone, for the same purpose of innate protection and self-immunization. Moreover, oxygen stimulates the anti-oxidant enzyme systems of superoxide dismutase, catalase and peroxidase in the body. These systems play a key role in keeping us vibrantly healthy.

Therefore, ozone therapy heals through the different effects it has on the body. For the sake of clarity, we can sum them up in ten points:
  1. Ozone therapy stimulates the production of white blood cells, which helps in fighting infections
  2. Ozone is a strong virucidal agent, in other words: it eliminates viruses
  3. Ozone therapy increases oxygen and hemoglobin disassociation, thus increasing the delivery of oxygen from the blood to the cells
  4. Ozone acts as an anti-neoplastic; in other words: it inhibits the growth of new tissues, like tumors
  5. Ozone oxidizes petrochemicals
  6. Ozone therapy increases red blood cell membrane distensibility, thereby enhancing their flexibility and thus effectiveness
  7. Ozone increases the production of interferon and tumor necrosis factor, thereby helping the body to fight off infections and cancers
  8. Ozone makes the enzyme anti-oxidant system more efficient; it helps to better scavenge excess free radicals in the body
  9. Ozone makes the citric acid cycle go faster, which liberates energy from sugars. It also accelerates the breaking down of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to be used as energy
  10. Ozone increases tissue oxygenation

How Long Has Ozone Therapy Been Known and Used?

Ozone has been used as in medicine, in many countries in many different clinical situations for over 80 years. Every year more physicians join the ranks of the worldwide community of bio-oxidative therapists in order to practice it, and more patients benefit from its effects. It has been examined, tested, researched and taught at university level. Thousands of studies and papers in various languages give ample testimony of its potential as well as its actual applications and successes.

At Healthy Healing Center in close to ten years of practice, in the context of our integrative approach, hundreds of people have been treated with ozone therapy, in one or the other form of application. Most have been helped.  In a manner of speaking, for the physician when applying ozone and for the patient when receiving ozone: victory is preponderant, at least partially; total defeat the anomaly.

Who Is Practicing Ozone Therapy and Who Is Supporting It?

In Western Europe alone, there are over 15,000 medical doctors and naturopathic physicians who have been practicing ozone therapy for many years, decades even. The quality standards are high because all of them have either graduated from medical college or from a naturopathic college. Thereafter they usually worked in conventional medicine or naturopathy for some or even many years, before they added ozone therapy as a further specialization.

In India, ozone therapy is likewise hugely gaining in popularity, among physicians and clients. Many of the physicians have joined the OZONE FORUM OF INDIA based in Mumbai, which is supported by the BISLERI TRUST.  Like its European cousin organizations, the OZONE FORUM OF INDIA will only allow doctors to join its ranks that have graduated from an officially recognized medical or Ayurvedic college.

In Russia and Cuba, ozone therapy is officially taught at state medical academies, in Nizhni Novgorod and Havana, and other government sponsored institutions.

Springer, one of the leading publishers of medical books and textbooks worldwide and based in The Netherlands, has published books on ozone therapy.On an academic level, research into ozone is conducted for example at the University of Bologna (Italy), the University of Jerusalem (Israel), and Cairo University (Egypt) and many places more, including academic institutions in Japan, Mexico and Brazil.

In the US, research on ozone in medicine has been conducted at Baylor University, Yale University, the University of California in Los Angeles, and Harvard University. Currently, between fifty and one hundred scientific articles about the chemical and biological effects of ozone and hydrogen peroxide are published each month. In other words: Bio-oxidative therapies are widely accepted.

Who Are the Patients?

Ozone therapy clients come from all walks of life. However, they tend to be more informed and better educated, with a keen interest in their own health as well as questions of health care in general than the average visitor at a doctor's office.

If you ask, "What do people from such diverse backgrounds and worldviews like ex-US President Ronald Reagan, 'Maximo Lider' Fidel Castro of Cuba, the members of the rock band 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' and the late 'Queen Mom' of England all have in common?" The answer is, "Ozone therapy!" Rumor has it and the rumor doesn't go away that like many other celebrities all four have made use of its benefits: Ronald Reagan as adjunct treatment against colon cancer in the mid-1980s, likewise Fidel Castro in combating his cancer, recently; the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' and 'Queen Mom' for the purpose of general rejuvenation and re-vitalization.

Dear Shikha, Thank you for all your care. I'm getting my face back and my mind; and a friend as well. Can't ask for more. Stay well and in love, bill we return. Love Dee