Chelation Therapy

What Is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is an established medical treatment that improves circulatory and metabolic functions in the body through many different ways, by rebalancing and removing metal ions. This is important. Why? Because it is actually these free radical ions that cause, for example, cholesterol to form plaque in the arteries. Cholesterol itself is NOT the culprit, at all. Cholesterol only accumulates where it does because it is programmed to protect the body from free radical damage. It emanates as a protective coating, so to speak. Blaming cholesterol, or suppressing or even bypassing it, does not make much sense at all. Removing free radicals does!

What Diseases Does Chelation Therapy Heal?

Statistical data suggest that chelation therapy is particularly effective in the treatment of degenerative diseases, such as:

Alzheimer's disease Headaches
Angina pectoris High Cholesterol
Age spots Hypertension
Arthritis Insomnia
Candida Infertility
Chronic fatigue syndrome Memory loss
Coronary heart disease Metal toxicity
Diminished vitality Headaches
Alzheimer's disease Mood swings
Depression Multiple sclerosis
Diabetes mellitus Osteoporosis
Decreased circulation Parkinson's disease
Erectile Dysfunction Skin ulcers

Many of these conditions have been treated successfully through the integrative approach used at Healthy Healing. For the majority of clients who consult us because of chronic degenerative diseases, our integrative approach includes the use of chelation therapy in a pivotal role.

The Benefits That Clients Often Observe After Chelation

By removing accumulated toxins chelation therapy stops and in many cases also reverses the damage that had been caused by heavy metals and free radicals, thus triggering the symptoms of one or the other chronic condition, or a sense of general fatigue and lack of energy. Chelation therapy decreases the total toxic load in the body. Once this is done the body gets a chance to heal itself and subsequently many signs of disease vanish.

Here is a list of some of the benefits that our clients felt and observed after several chelation sessions, or after finishing their treatment course. Mind you, some felt the strongest and most convincing benefits only two to three months after they had finished with chelation, a fact that, by the way, is supported by chelation textbook knowledge. It clearly states that the full benefit of chelation therapy sometimes kicks in only months after the actual therapy has been completed.

More vigor and vitality Less migraine attacks
Enhanced skin texture Warmer hands and feet
Weight reduction Greater joint flexibility
Sharper sense perception Easier menstrual cycles
Sharper intellect Improved fertility
Concentrate longer and better Better and longer lasting erections
Fortified immunity Stronger libido
Less prone to colds and flu infections Greater stamina
Less tension headache Greater competitive edge

The major benefit of chelation therapy over conventional modes of treatment is that it is not a symptom-oriented treatment. As chelation therapy reaches the very far corners of the vascular system and affects each and every cell of the body, the disease process is taken care of at the root level, thus providing far-reaching and long lasting benefits.

The Action of Chelation in the Body

There is a simple working principle behind the benefits of chelation therapy. It has to do with the free radical theory of aging, which Dr. Denham Harman proposed as early as in 1954. Subsequent research demonstrated that not only make free radicals people age prematurely, they are also involved in disease causation; hence the idea of a free radical pathology. Which, in our context, means that chelation works by stopping and reversing this same free radical pathology But then, what are free radicals? Where do they come from and what mischief do they do?

Free radicals are unstable molecules either produced in the body or introduced from outside. Like every thing in nature, these unstable molecules search for stability and in the process create more free radicals, interrupting the metabolic functions of the body at a cellular level. One particularly damaging of its kind is hydroxyl, according to Anti-oxidant researcher Dr. Lester Packer, "The most powerful and deadly free radical known." Hydroxyl is usually made when water comes in contact with ionizing radiation. Likewise damaging, albeit to a lesser degree are all heavy metals, which are also free radicals. The trick is to get them out of the system.

Enter chelation! EDTA chelation was first used clinically in 1952, in the USA for the treatment of a case of lead poisoning. Since then EDTA has been discovered useful in a large number of acute and chronic diseases. The American FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, or FDA approved EDTA as the treatment of choice for lead poisoning, hypercalcemia, and ventricular arrhythmia in digitalis toxicity. The FDA has not approved claims for conditions other than these. However, Dr. Roy Evers in 1978 won a precedent case regarding a physician's legal use of a drug approved by the FDA for a specific condition. The ruling stated that the physician might use the drug for another condition, for which it has not been approved.

In addition to lead, EDTA forms stable complexes with metals like calcium, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, nickel, iron, copper and so forth.  The relative stability of the EDTA-metal complex wholly depends on the presence of EDTA in it. In other words, the free radicals are bound by the EDTA and therefore cannot re-enter the metabolism. Finally, the body flushes this EDTA-metal complex out of its system, mainly through urine.

DMSA is added as the second chelating agent because of its effect on the central nervous system. As we have seen above EDTA is useful for vascular problems and in the detoxification of the major organ systems. DMSA on the other hand effectively detoxifies the central nervous system. However, when taken orally, it needs an additional vehicle to cross the blood brain barrier, which is found in ALA, or Alpha Lipoic Acid.

EDTA and DMSA combined have an excellent metal binding capacity especially for mercury, nickel, aluminum and lead; they also bind cadmium and manganese - which makes the combination useful for the treatment of neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease.

In contrast to the conventional medical and surgical treatment modalities available at present, chelation therapy counteracts the underlying disease process. Once introduced into the body, EDTA and DMSA remove the causes for excess production of free radicals. In this way they are protecting the tissues and organs from further damage. Overtime, they also slow down or halt the process of free radical damage as a trigger for the development of chronic and age related diseases.

Safety Concerns

One of the greatest attractions of chelation therapy is that it is indeed very safe. There are very few medical procedures that can report, as can chelation, no fatalities at all. Following the general guidelines and specific treatment protocols of a leading professional organization for chelation therapists (of which Healthy Healing Center is a member, in the international branch), estimates are that at least 500,000 patients in the USA alone have received over 10,000,000 (or ten million) chelation treatments without a single fatality attributed to EDTA. This cannot be said about surgical procedures or even taking Aspirin.

Before starting with a round of comprehensive detoxification treatments at Healthy Healing, I had been bothered with chronic constipation for nearly two years. I had put on a great deal of weight, and no matter how I tried to diet I could not lose it. I felt bloated and seemed to be retaining a lot of fluid also. I felt very tired and had very low energy. Even my thinking had turned negative and a definite level of victim consciousness had crept in… I am so impressed with the results that I plan to take more treatments in the future and intend to make regular detoxification part of my health regime. So, this only leaves me having to say “Thank You” Dr. Shikha at Healthy Healing.