The Healthy Healing Philosophy of Integrative Medicine

Healthy Healing is an idea whose time has come – in fact it is here, NOW.

We offer you new and refreshing, yet evidence-based and scientific approaches to good health, anchored in the perennial philosophy of the healing arts as practiced by all cultures the world over- ancient and timeless.

In medicine, we need this kind of all-inclusive, humanistic and people-centered perspective. It directly shapes and impacts the treatments that you, as the client are going to receive – and the way they are presented to you. The broader the physician’s knowledge base and the more open-minded her approach the more skillful, yet also compassionate and caring, you will be and feel treated.

What exactly does this perennial philosophy of Healthy Healing aim to apply and achieve? It can be summarized in five points:
  • Happiness
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Inborn Self-Healing
  • Detoxification and Lifestyle Changes
  • Natural Beauty


Tens of thousands of studies in psychosomatic medicine conducted worldwide have confirmed time and again: happy people are most often also healthier than unhappy people. Happiness needs to be encouraged in every possible way. It is our natural way of being, in the same way as health is our natural state, and disease the abnormality.

Some of our clients, therefore, call us “Happy Healing”. They feel happy when with us, because the place and the staff are friendly. Everyone loves the easy-going, comforting atmosphere at our center. And they leave in a happy mood when a treatment series has been completed, because something of lasting value has been accomplished.

Integrative Medicine

Because our approach is holistic or integrative, our main focus is always on health and never exclusively on the temporary ‘system failure’, or aberration called ‘disease’. Perfect health – as in the perfect functional equilibrium of the organs, in fact the whole body, including the emotions and the mind – constitutes the best and strongest disease prevention. In cases of degenerative disease, the most promising way to a cure likewise leads through the restoration of this same functional equilibrium.

This is why integrative medicine is the genuine form of health care. It very much differs in outlook and methodology from conventional “disease care”, which solely concerns itself with symptoms, preferably by medicating and thereby suppressing any given problem. Integrative medicine, on the other hand, strives to solve the problem holistically. Solving any given problem together with the client is our aim. In this way, we offer solutions that may actually last. And yes, people have found lasting benefits.

Inborn Self-Healing

Remember this for a fact: It is never the medicine or the skill of the doctor alone that can make or keep you or anyone else well. In the long run, only the inborn self-healing powers of every body and every mind can accomplish that. Physicians and medicines act as the supporting cast. They are important, no doubt; sometimes they even save lives. But they are not IT. You are IT. Your body, your mind and your habits are the ultimate healer.

Because of the powers of self-healing inherent in you, you have to do your part. Otherwise, there can and will be no healing. You have to participate actively in the process of making you happy and feel well again, and become proactive in the future so that you may remain happy and healthy.

Detoxification & Lifestyle Changes

Perfect health cannot be achieved by fighting disease alone. We can only achieve it by creating an overall environment in body, mind and emotions that is conducive to manifesting it. To this end, at Healthy Healing we start every treatment cycle with a detox. We apply techniques and substances that reduce the overall toxic load in the body, and thereby indirectly in the mind, too. On the basis of the detox, in the next step we usually introduce boosters into your system, natural ‘uppers’ that will create greater health and happiness. Shedding the toxic overload and priming the system are the two important components in all our treatment plans.

Even more important in the long run is, however, how you will lead your life during the treatment and after its completion? Will you modify your lifestyle in a manner that will allow you to lead a happier and healthier life?

We believe that the greatest service that we can provide to the public lies in disease prevention through detox protocols and lifestyle counseling. Provided that physician and client are fully cooperating, the detox approach will yield excellent results even in more severe cases of chronic degenerative illness, especially when necessary lifestyle modifications are implemented.

Natural Beauty

With health and happiness achieved, some may now aspire for perfect beauty. Enhanced beauty does not change any essential quality that we have, yet may make it appear so in the eyes of others. Many consider looks important, even go by looks. That’s why looks often make a difference. However, good looks need to appear natural. Then they express our inherent integrity.

With our natural cosmetic or beauty treatments we adhere to the same philosophy of integrative medicine as with all our protocols. In this arena, too, we follow Hippocrates’ command, “First do no harm.”

We have selected a number of beauty treatments that are both highly effective in that they deliver the goods of improved look - but free of side effects. You will look better but not need to suffer over it. For this reason, all esthetic treatments offered at Healthy Healing are high-end, and top of the line. Elegance is ever at ease, never painful.

When I walked into Dr Shikha’s Healthy Healing’ Center in Goa, in April 2012, it was as if I had landed after a very long journey in search of what I had now just discovered.... Hers was the model for the ‘clinic vision’ for the ‘Soblime Program”, which would evolve over the next few months…
Chris Nelson-Piercy
Founder and Director Ashiyana Yoga Center, Mandrem, Goa