Case History: Digestive Issues

Matthias Dehne posted on 26 December 2018

When Tony came to see me at my clinic for his first consultation, he complained about a general lack of health and vitality. According to his own words, “he felt much too weak and listless for his age.“ He was also suffering from frequent bouts of headaches, which had been plaguing him on and off since childhood. And one more thing was cause for concern for him: he had to eat a little bit of something every two hours. When he didn’t, this would lead to anxiety attacks, restlessness and, of course, headaches.

When I probed deeper he could recognize other issues that he hadn’t mentioned. He noticed that he was increasingly prone to food allergies, the quality of his sleep was poor, his mind appeared to be lost like in a fog most of the time lacking in sharpness and clarity. And he had a strong and constant craving for bread and sweets. We should also mention that his muscles and joints were becoming increasingly inflexible.

After having gone through the full questionnaire, we proceeded to do the Live Blood Analysis that is part of my every first extended consultation with a new client. In Tony’s case, the Live Blood Analysis revealed that his elimination system was simply overwhelmed by the amount and the poor quality of food it had to process without ever being given a break. The analysis further showed multiple hormonal and nutritional imbalances, which would inevitably turn into full blown degenerative diseases a few years down the line.

Based on the findings, I decided to start Tony on a 3-week standard detox or thorough cleanse program, somewhat modified to fit his individual needs. Furthermore he was put on a strict low refined carbohydrate and NO SUGAR diet.

Within one week of the unfolding cleanse Tony reported that his energy levels were back to what he previously would have wished for. He said he “felt like himself, again.” At which point he asked me if he could reintroduce bread into his diet. I cautioned him against it, reminding him that his body’s habitual craving for food every two hours had not yet been overcome, which when restarted would wreak renewed havoc in his system.

Like in so many similar moments, the doctor’s note of caution was, of course, ignored. Tony had started to feel much better already, so why should he not eat some of the bread that he loved! Well, he did, and his energy levels plummeted as a result. One of the reasons was that he got totally constipated as a result of binging on bread. This was actually a good lesson as it taught him how much the habit of eating bread, no matter if white or brown, was affecting him—and how negatively!

After this had happened, we had to modify his 3-week program into a 4-week program, which Tony then completed remaining faithful to the doctor’s instructions. It turned out a total success. Tony reported the following results:

  • Good uninterrupted and thus revitalizing sleep
  • Above normal energy levels
  • No more food cravings between meals
  • No more headaches
  • The on-setting stiffness in joints and muscles completely gone

Tony left the clinic very happy and satisfied. As all my clients, I provided him with further supplementation to take home, and a diet and exercise plan to follow.