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Pavan Sriram Testimonial

Posted on 16 January 2019 | Comment
Pavan Sriram TestimonialDear Mam, Click to read more

Case History: Digestive Issues

Posted on 26 December 2018 | Comment
Case History: Digestive IssuesWhen Tony came to see me at my clinic for his first consultation, he complained about a general lack of health and vitality. According to his own words, “he felt much too weak and listless for his age.“ He was also suffering from frequent bouts of headaches, which had been plaguing him on and off since childhood. And one more thing was cause for concern for him: he had to eat a little bit of something every two hours. When he didn’t, this would lead to anxiety attacks, restlessness and, of course, headaches. Click to read more

Ozone Therapy Receives Wider Institutional Recognition in India

Posted on 11 September 2018 | Comment
Ozone Therapy Receives Wider Institutional Recognition in IndiaThe Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy, in short AYUSH has agreed to collect and publish clinical research data on ozone therapy. The Ministry of AYUSH was formed with effect from November 2014 by elevation of the previous Department of Ayush, within the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Click to read more

The Many Benefits of the Oligoscan For Detecting Mineral Deficiencies, Heavy Metal Loads & Anti-Oxidant Levels

Posted on 02 February 2018 | Comment
The Many Benefits of the Oligoscan  For Detecting Mineral Deficiencies, Heavy Metal Loads &  Anti-Oxidant LevelsI am the kind of physician who really wants to know about my patients health status before I decide on a course of action, which is why spend a long time on every first consultation. And it helps the patient, too, to have this sense of thoroughness, this feeling of getting to the root of the matter, together with me. As I remarked in another blog, health assessment is like good detective work: you have to piece together information from several different sources. Simply using one source will always only be giving you one-sided information. Click to read more

Standard Blood Testing in Functional Medicine - An Interview with Dr. Shikha

Posted on 31 January 2018 | Comment
Standard Blood Testing in Functional Medicine - An Interview with Dr. ShikhaBLOG: You say that you are using the common blood tests, but that you are reading them differently. What do you mean? Click to read more

A One-Time Consultation & Its Long-Term Effects

Posted on 20 January 2018 | Comment
A One-Time Consultation & Its Long-Term Effects Some time in March last year a young woman from Germany came to see me for an extended consultation. She visited again a few days ago, and I asked her to share her experience, as it might be helpful and encouraging to others. In the sense that idea always is, to make good use of the doctor’s advice to take the matters of your health into your own hands – in other words: to become active, even pro-active. Click to read more

Looking Back… a Little Bit of Healthy Healing History

Posted on 05 April 2016 | Comment
Looking Back… a Little Bit of Healthy Healing HistoryYes, Healthy Healing Center has already come a long way.   It can look back on its bit of history.  As is usually the case, when it all started, like at the time when this picture was taken in 2004, nobody could have guessed what will have become of it by now, in 2016.  But sometimes it is good to look back at your roots, or the roots of your present endeavor.   Click to read more

Feel Interconnected and Healthy

Posted on 04 April 2016 | Comment
Feel Interconnected and HealthyNo man or woman is an island.  We cannot even survive totally alone.  We need others, not only other humans.   And we need them in their natural state.  We need a healthy environment: healthy plants, healthy animals, clean water, and fresh air.  Without these, we cannot make it for very long.  This will become increasingly clear in the near future.  And yes, we also need physically as well as emotionally healthy and stable human companions.  We are humans.  We have a natural urge to be with our own kind, to share.  Click to read more

Taking My Own Medicine

Posted on 17 December 2015 | Comment
Taking My Own MedicineHere, you see me sitting in the treatment room of my clinic taking a nutritional drip.  Does that mean that I am ill?  No, it only indicates that I want to stay healthy.  Instead of waiting until I might eventually fall ill before doing anything about it, or before the disorder is in full bloom, I prefer to act by prevention.  I address imbalances and deficiences right away, when they are still in their infant stage.  This is far more effective, and, naturally, more cost effective, too. Click to read more

Welcome to the New Integrated Blog

Posted on 10 September 2015 | Comment
Welcome! Click to read more