Feel Interconnected and Healthy

Matthias Dehne posted on 04 April 2016

No man or woman is an island.  We cannot even survive totally alone.  We need others, not only other humans.   And we need them in their natural state.  We need a healthy environment: healthy plants, healthy animals, clean water, and fresh air.  Without these, we cannot make it for very long.  This will become increasingly clear in the near future.  And yes, we also need physically as well as emotionally healthy and stable human companions.  We are humans.  We have a natural urge to be with our own kind, to share. 

The belief that the self-preserving cunning and profit motive of the alleged but non-existent ‘selfish gene’ will enable us to control and rearrange all of life’s infinite number of interlinking processes, like through more corporate sponsored wars and GMO foods, is simply a delusion of grandeur.  The only intelligent way to apply human resourcefulness is in understanding and moving with all of life, instead of controlling it: being a part of existence, instead of acting out the tyrant boss routine.  This change of attitude from selfishness to feeling connected, naturally, also applies to all concerns regarding health and healing. 

It is an unimaginable shock to anyone to go to a doctor’s office one morning and hear the news of a stage-4 organ cancer that has sneaked up on you, and therefore know that, according to conventional medicine in all likelihood – you are going to die pretty soon.  It will be an equally unimaginable shock to all of humanity to wake up one fine day and see that we humans have made an irreparable mess of everything – and that, therefore, our days on earth are numbered.  This is bound to happen if we continue to be subservient to the way the world is presently run.  And as much as mostly lifestyle is responsible for a stage-4 organ cancer in an individual, likewise the collective lifestyle choices of humanity, manipulated and socially engineered from the top down, are responsible for the pollution of all seas and lands, or the stage-4 cancer of our planet, or home.

Usually, the quest for health starts out as an individual concern for the body, or out of necessity when ‘my’ body falls ill.  But soon it will extend to the emotions and the mind.  Not only would I want to have a well-functioning body machine, I will also want to feel good and understand what is going on.  Even at that point, the expansion does not stop as the circle is ever widening. 


Because once I am genuinely healthy, feel good and understand my life, I will embrace all of this life without even thinking – my partner, my family, my neighbors, the family of all sentient beings, and finally the world at large – even the entire universe.  Good physical, emotional and mental health gives rise to compassion for all of life.  Compassion rather than egotism is the naturally intelligent response.  It makes humans successful, and our world a happy place.  The “I’ and the ‘my’ become less important.  This is NOT philosophy but applied physiology: the mirror-neurons in our brain connect us and allow us to feel each other and this entire web of life.

Just imagine all of life as a vast net.  At each crossing point there is a jewel.  Each jewel is perfectly clear and reflects all other jewels in the net.  The jewel stands for an individual being, an individual consciousness, a cell, or an atom.  Every jewel is intimately connected with all other jewels in the universe.  Therefore, a change in one jewel means a change in every other jewel, however small it might be


Genuine health has far reaching implications, way beyond the individual who is blessed by enjoying it.  Health makes us wise and compassionate; disease numbs us, and will dumb us down.